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The Bio-QZ:   Optimum treatment of substrates

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  • The new Bio-QZ
    New design and numerous improvements

Higher gas yield with the right substrate treatment

Preparation of the input materials is becoming more and more important in achieving stable process biology in the fermenter. The reason for this is clear: If the biomass is prepared correctly, it can be broken down in the fermenter faster and more efficiently. Plant operations are more stable. The fermentation time is reduced. The gas yield rises.

The Bio-QZ was designed for this task. Nature itself provides us with the operating principle. Similar to ruminating cattle, the Bio-QZ defibrates the input materials instead of chopping them up. Rotating chains in the machine break down the cell structure in a matter of seconds, thus producing a homogeneous substrate with a large surface area.

Hence, the contact surface for the bacteria is enlarged. In a way, the substrate is offered to the bacterial strains in bite-sized pieces. These bacteria can now start decomposing the substrate quickly and effectively.

The new Bio-QZ generation: Versatile, effective, and robust in substrate treatment

The new Bio-QZ generation is now available in a modern, compact, and also stable design in sizes 900 mm, 1200 mm, and 1600 mm. The main focus was to improve ease of maintenance. Besides a significant increase in the size of the maintenance port, it is also easier to access the discharge, belt, and belt pulleys. In addition, the wear plates inside the machine can be replaced more easily. The further improved discharge geometry helps the material to pass through the machine smoothly without any blockages. At the same time, the sealing system was enhanced to give the machine greater protection.

Compact design
Swivel-mounted discharge cover
Better sealing solution
Numerous tools

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Highlights of the new Bio-QZ generation

  • Large maintenance port
  • Swivel-mounted discharge cover
  • Compact design
  • Easy wear plate change
  • Optimized outlet and curved gate to prevent blockages
  • New, improved seal
  • Compact bearing unit
  • Different accelerating and shredding tools for different materials
  • Further upgrades possible for longer service life

The different machine sizes at a glance

Machine size Drive power
Bio-QZ 900 55/75 kW
Bio-QZ 1200 75/90 kW
Bio-QZ 1600 132/160 kW


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