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The Bio-QZ:   Optimum treatment of substrates

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Versatile, effective, and robust in substrate treatment

ANDRITZ MeWa has developed its own technology for optimum preparation of packaged food, organic waste, and energy crops for the fermentation process in biogas plants. The Bio-QZ breaks down the cell structure of the substrates, thus offering the bacterial strains considerably more contact surface. Thus, gas formation starts measurably faster and intenser. This can reduce the duration of the overall process substantially and increase the cost-effectiveness of the biogas plants by over 30%. The new Bio-QZ generation is now available in a modern, compact, and also stable design in sizes 900 mm, 1200 mm, and 1600 mm.

The machine
Functionality and highlights of the new machine
The new Bio-QZ has been given a completely new design and has also been improved in many ways.
The fields of application
Many potential uses
Suitable for packaged food, organic waste, slaughterhouse and catering waste, or energy crops such as corn and grass silage or rye whole crop silage.
The biogas plant as a complete system
Many different integration possibilities
ANDRITZ MeWa offers the complete process chain, from supply of the input material, to its disintegration, to feeding it to the fermenter. In this case, the system is adapted to the individual circumstances for each plant.
The Bio-QZ in action
Our films for optimum substrate treatment
Watch our latest videos on the topics of corn silage, organic waste, and packaged food.


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